Atsushi Sakurai a.k.a Acchan

Atsushi Sakurai is the vocalist of the J-rock band BUCK-TICK since 1985.

Buck-tick originally formed in 1983, with four members, Araki on vocals, Hisashi Imai on guitar, Hidehiko Hoshino on guitar and keyboard, Yutaka Higuchi on bass, and Atsushi Sakurai on drums and percussion. But fortunately for us Imai thought that the voice of Araki didnt fit with the band so Sakurai switched from drums to vocals and Toll Yagami became the new drummer of the band. (the guy with the crazy hair)

The original name of the band was "baku chiku" meaning Firecracker in Japanese, but Imai decided to spell it "Buck-Tick".

To get an idea of their music:

Atsushi was born on March 7, 1966. His father died when he was 19 (rumors say that he was an alcoholic and beat his family) and his mother died in 1991 which has caused him personal conflict. These feelings are expressed in the lyrics of the 2002 song, “Long Distance Call.” [link]  His older brother is married with children. He has married twice: on 1991 he married the band's stylist and later the same year they had a child, on 1992 they divorced because his wife's affairs was widely publicized in the media (rumors also say that Atsushi cheated on his wife and that's what called their divorce). And he married again in 2004 and his wedding seems to go just fine.

He drinks and smokes a LOT the doctors have told him to stop, but he won't and he's been having problems with his voice since 1990 and that might affect his career as a singer. He was previously smoking Kool and now he is smoking Lucky Strike. (rumors say that he has recently quitted). He (L)oves cats, performing on stage and his favourite season is winter.

In the early days, Atsushi had a tendency to 'molest' (some may say 'caress') Hisashi when playing live. That is why it was rumored in 1995 that he married Buck-Tick's guitarist Imai and they live together. Rumors say that the song "Candy" was written regarding his love affair with Imai... [link] It is true that there are many rumors around him and being called a bisexual isn't the last rumor you will hear about him.

Here are some songs of Atsushi's solo work:


Atsushi reads a lot and is quite influenced by Charles Baudelaire.
Though he writes most of the lyrics to the songs, Buck-Tick have never released an album where all the song lyrics were written by Atsushi.

If Atsushi were an animal he replied that he would be an alligator/crocodile.

Atsushi has remarked that if it weren't for the band, he might have become a thug in Gunma, due to the way his life was going when he was a teenager.

Atsushi has commented that he has stopped putting up his hair because it was really troublesome for him and then once it got very long, he cut it short. (oh yeah!) 

Click here to see what i mean.

And finally some LIVE performances:


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